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Chloe Todd

Mascot: Mole     Email: [email protected]

The President is in charge of DUSAGG and responsible for the Exec. They also chair the Annual General Meeting and are generally a useful person to talk to.

Hi, I’m Chloe and I’ll be your President this year! I’m studying History and I’m from St. Mary’s College.

I’ve been in Scouting since I was 8 and I’m now a Cub and Scout leader at two groups – one at home and one in Durham!

My favourite things (I couldn’t chose just one!) about DUSAGG is the socials/activities we do and I love getting to take a break from studying to spend time with like-minded people!

As President, it’s my job to look after Mole (our mascot), act as a representative of the Exec, and chair our General Meetings! I’m also the one who manages the Instagram and someone to contact if you have any questions or issues!