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The Exec

About The Exec


The DUSAGG Exec are the ones responsible for running the group.

President – Mole McMoleFace

Mascot: Mole     Email: [email protected]

The President is in charge of DUSAGG and responsible for the Exec. They also chair the Annual General Meeting and are generally a useful person to talk to.

Secretary – Rory Baxter

Mascot: Mini Mole     Email: [email protected]

The secretary deals with SSAGO so you don’t have to and has to do fun things like DBS checks, manage club emails, documents, files, website, minutes at all meetings, and all the day to day admin-y type stuff. They also have responsiblity for the route book, quote book and camp blanket!

Treasurer – Ryan Murphy

Mascot: Wolfie     Email: [email protected]

The treasurer has regular contact with the money fairy, and the DSU, giving us the money we’re owed, and chasing us when it’s us owing the money.

Social Sec – Kate Roberts

Mascot: Mole’s Beer Glass     Email: [email protected]

The Social Secretary organises the fantastic socials in and around Durham and provides us with much needed break from studying.

Liaisons – Ellie Fisher

Mascot: Tawny     Email: [email protected]

The liaisons officers are responsible for coordinating with local Scout and Guide Groups. They are also responsible for organising DUSAGG’s yearly competitions: Midnight Madness, Outdoor and Indoor Scout.

Events Sec – MISSING

Mascot: Roger     Email: [email protected]

The Events Secretary runs anything that’s primarily adventurous including: Fires, Camps, Climbing, Canoeing, Zorbing, whatever you fancy…

First Year Rep – Ben Dickinson

Mascot: NEEDED!!!     Email: [email protected]

The First Year Rep represents the views of the new members to the society, this position is elected during Michaelmas term and is preferably held by a new member of the society.

The History of the DUSAGG Exec recorded for all time. For their service we are grateful.