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From time to time, we get bored, and decide to look through all the old DUSAGG stuff, which is shown here. Here we discover that, actually, not much has changed in the past 40 odd years of DUSAGG.


To find all our minutes, go here


So, ever wonder why a mole? Well here’s the story, as far as I know it:

Once upon a time, in an exec meeting not so very far from here, a secretary was bored. So bored in fact, that they began to doodle. “What to doodle? what to doodle?” the secretary thought. And as the pen touched the paper, a molehill was formed. And as they say, from tiny molehills, moles do rise.

So our mascot was born. The image on the right shows moles throughout the ages, and the link below takes you to lots more moles! Click here for more moles


The Little Issue

A DUSAGG newsletter from yesteryears…