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Rory Baxter

Mascot: Mini Mole     Email: [email protected]

The secretary deals with SSAGO so you don’t have to and has to do fun things like DBS checks, manage club emails, documents, files, website, minutes at all meetings, and all the day to day admin-y type stuff. They also have responsiblity for the route book, quote book and camp blanket!

Hi, I’m Rory and I’m currently studying Computer Science while being part of Castle College.

I’ve been in scouting since starting as a Beaver aged 6 and I’ve had fun working my way through the ranks to now being a Cub leader.

For me, DUSAGG is a great way to make new friends who have similar interests to me, as well as a great way to do fun activities.

As the Secretary it is my job to sort the paper work and admin for the society as well as to interact with SSAGO (The people in charge of university scout groups), all so you don’t have to!