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Traditions of the Club

An incomplete list of all the strange, wonderful, and completely legal club traditions.

Annual General Meeting Traditions

  • Presidential Challenge
    A challenge for the incoming and outgoing Presidents, set by the remaining members of the outgoing Exec. Winner is declared the better President. A President who declines the challenge is President in name only.
  • Events Secretary Challenge
    The incoming Events Sec must shout “Bondage!” at the top of their voice in a public place. You can blame Roger for this one!
  • Social Secretary Challenge
    The Social Sec is responsible for looking after all of DUSAGG, no matter what state they’re in. That means any Social Sec worth their weight in beer must prove they are able to escort a (usually pretend) drunken AGM atendee out of the room to safety.
  • RON is real!
    Someone must always give RON a voice, and hust in his stead. Comedy is encouraged for RON maybe anyone OR anything thing, useful (like Cellotape..) or just rather dim (like a smouldering fire..).
  • Joke motions are a thing!
    A little light hearted relief! But be warned though they might be made in gest, the vote is real!
  • Special Roles
    Created by special decree, members may from time to time be elected to cerimonia positions. For example, the role of DUSAGGs International Representative or Top Cat.
  • Presents
    By no means expected, but the out going exec will normally surprise their President with a gift, while the President rewards their service with some small token of appreciation.

Camp Traditions

  • Leave a Sign
    Though we shall leave no trace, we shall leave a sign. Though it will not be in pain sight, it will be in mine. DUSAGG was here, it is clear, and will stay for the rest of time.
  • Molenapping
    Just as Exec Members have a duty to protect their Mascot, we have duty to “quietly” steal them. Failure to recover them by the end of camp incurs a forfit for their safe return.

General Traditions

  • Words Shall Never Die (Quotes)
    If someone says something funny, silly, or just plain ridiculous, it must go in the quote book. End of.
  • Mascots
    Exec Members have mascots. Obvious when you think about it.

Orders of DUSAGG

Those titles installed upon an individual in perpetuity by the Group to thank and acknowledge those members that have given way too much time to the Group, or just won’t leave.

  • The Order of Mother Mole
    Those given the title of Mother Mole are those members that, for one reason or another, have become a surrogate mother to every member of the Club. As a mother, their devotion knows no limits, as our gratitude knows no end.
  • The Order of Uncle Roger
    Those given the title of Uncle Roger are a special breed and have done old Roger proud, for they have become like an Uncle to us all. Relied upon to always show up and stay till the very end, they bring that extra something “special” to any meeting. Uncle Roger we salute you!