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The Mascots

About the Club Mascots (and other things)

The DUSAGG Exec are supported and comforted in their roles by the loyal Group Mascots. Handed down from generation to generation since before records began.


Official Title: The Wise One

Human: President

Mole is believed to have been a part of the club since the very beginning, and forms our very heart and soul. Why a Mole? And why is he wearing a robe? We don’t know but we love him all the same!

Mini Mole

Human: Secretary

Like Minnie with Mickie the Mouse, she’s always there for Mole, through thick and thin.

Treasurer's Mascot: Wolfe


Human: Treasurer

Be assured, for Wolfie is on patrol! He helps the Treasurer keep an eye on the money and stops Mole spending it all on Beer.

Event Sec's Mascot: Roger


Official Title: The Bondage Sheep

Master: Events Secretary

The reason for his perversions are a mystery, but one thing is certain; he’ll do anything for DUSAGG. Roger can always be found wearing his favourite leather vest, and if you ask him nicely he may bring along his handcuffs, collar, and whip…

Social Sec's Mascot: The Beer Glass

The Beer Glass

Offical Title: Round Master & Controller of the Fruit Juice     

Human: Social Secretary

Though the Beer Glass may not be alive, it is still an important part of the group. Over the years it has quenched our thirst (for knowledge) and kept us going. Beer Glass we thank you!

Fred the Tent

Fredrick the Tent

Fred is the name of our very old, and very heavy, event shelter. Why someone thought to name him we don’t know, but they did and they called him Fred.

But Fred ate to much, and before long had to expand. Fred call his little ‘extension’ Rick. So together they are Fredrick

Liaison Officer's Mascot: Tawny


Human: Liaisons Officer

Tawny loves high places, where she can keep an eye on things from above and be nosy! Her favourite spot is perched up in the branches of a tall tree, or failing that, on top of the nearest wardrobe or bookshelf.